Matthew Seaman: Curriculum Vitæ

Personal Details

Full Name: Dr. Matthew John Seaman, MA(Oxon), D.Phil
Nationality: British

Skills Summary

Employment History

Systems Developer
Aug 2012 - present
Webfusion is part of the Host Europe group, providing web hosting services across Europe. My role was in reducing the legacy debt from hosting companies acquired by the group by migrating customers onto their leading hosting platform. Mostly Perl programming with DBI (mysql).
Systems Administrator
Squiz UK
Jul 2010 - Sep 2011
Squiz produces a leading CMS solution, and numbers many Universities, Local and National Government Agencies and similar organizations amongst its clients. Core technologies: Apache+PHP+PostgreSQL; Squid; Linux High Availability; Puppet; Centos. Various virtualization technologies: VMWare, Xen, 3Terra.
Black Earth Consulting
Dec 2009 - Mar 2013
Black Earth Consulting aimed to exploit the potential of free and open-source software. Wound up in 2013.
Systems Architect
The Bunker
Oct 2007 - Dec 2009
Partly internal consultant and trouble shooter for problems of the more tenacious kind; partly sales support and advisor to the sales team's technical architects and partly the person who ensures that implementation projects work smoothly and deliver the required functionality to customers.
Systems Administration Manager
The Bunker
Feb 2005 - Oct 2007
Managing a Systems Administration team of eight, providing 24x7 support cover for The Bunker's operations. Design and Implementation of customer installations — primarily Open Source Managed Service systems. Provision, management and monitoring of a wide spectrum of systems.
Systems Administrator
The Bunker
Nov 2004 - Feb 2005
Working with OpenSource Unix/Linux applications. High Availability Firewalls (OpenBSD PF/CARP) to MySQL database servers with Terabyte scale disk arrays. High performance, secure web applications (Java/Tomcat, PHP) with replicated database backends. Backup solutions (Amanda, Bacula). Mail servers (Exim, Sendmail, Cyrus Imapd). VPN Tunnels.
Independent Contractor
Parasol IT
Feb 2004 - Apr 2004
Various short term contracts
Cryptosphere Ltd
Mar 2003 - Nov 2003
In March 2003, together with 3 other colleagues, I founded Cryptosphere Ltd. This startup company aimed to provide PKIX services and cryptographically secured, verifiable data transmission for our clients. The company was dissolved in 2005.
Tornado Entertainment Ltd
Mar 2001 - Sep 2002
Unix Systems Administrator
Tornado Entertainment Ltd was founded in 1999. The aim of the company was to provide the infrastructure and technology to distribute and sell digital content (music, video, games) online within a secure environment on a global scale.
Inpharmatica Ltd
1998 - Mar 2001
Systems Administrator
Inpharmatica was a bioinformatics company spun out of University College, London, specialising in drug discovery via proteomic and genomic analysis.
P&L Systems
1995 - 1998
Technical Consultant:
Systems Administration
P&L Systems was at the time the UK's leading NextStep and OpenStep VAR, offering a wide range of services and products related to that operating system: from off-the-shelf software packages through to custom object oriented software design and a complete support and maintenance service for OpenStep installations.


St John's College
Oxford University
1991 - 1996

D.Phil, ChemistryThesis: "Computational Models of Structure and Dynamics", 1996. Supervisor Prof. C. M. Dobson, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory.

The final year of the Thesis was spent working part time at P&L Systems, hence the overlap of dates.

Massachusetts Institute
of Technology
1989 - 1991

Ph.D. program.I began work towards a Ph.D at MIT, but had to abandon the course after nearly two years due to personal difficulties caused by living in the U.S.A.

St John's College
Oxford University
1985 - 1989

B.A., Hons., Chemistry 1 stclass.Awarded an Open Scholarship on entry. Final Degree Class Awarded 1 *. Overall 4 thplace in Part I of the Final Public Examination.

Extra Curricular Activities: President of O.U. Scientific Society Michaelmas Term 1987. Rowed for St John's College 2 ndand 3 rdVIIIs. Member of O.U. Speculative Fiction Group.

Christ's Hospital School
Horsham, W. Sussex
1978 - 1985
4 A-levels — Maths (Grade A), Further Maths (Grade A), Chemistry (Grade A) Physics (Grade A); 10 O-levels



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